TORQ Energy 500 g Natural Vanilla Pod

TORQ Energy 500 g Natural Vanilla Pod

  • $29.00

TORQ Energy Natural Vanilla Pod energy drink has been painstakingly formulated so that it delivers TORQ's unique blend of multiple-transportable carbohydrates and electrolytes to the working muscles through a drink that is lightly flavored, refreshing and most importantly natural.

500ml (~16oz) of TORQ Energy contains 30g of carbohydrate and represents 1 TORQ Unit, which provides you with the same carbohydrate dose as a TORQ Gel or TORQ Bar. This is the core concept behind the TORQ Fueling System, which makes fueling for endurance sport extremely easy to understand. 

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Product Highlights:
* NATURAL Flavors
* NO Artificial Sweeteners
* NO Colors
* NO Preservatives
* Optimal carbohydrate blend (2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose)
* With 5 key electrolytes
* Available in 'Single Measure' re-usable/recyclable aluminum canister

Dairy Free
Wheat Free
Gluten Free
Suitable for Vegans